Restrictive Attitudes Among School Directors


  • Ferenc Arató



restrictive racist attitudes, achievement-reduction, social reduction, blaming the victim, inclusion


In the following study I present those overt and covert attitudes which we have re-covered
based on new evidences of a recently finished research among headmasters and directors in
primary schools. We traced restrictive attitudes which deeply infl uence effectiveness, effi -
ciency, and equity of school institutions. Attitudes, – which decisively infl uence the quality
of schools. Do the revealed attitudes correlate certain operational areas of the school? What
areas are infl uenced by these attitudes? What kind of school practices may infl uence these
attitudes? What kind of school practices offer context for the observation of decreased volume
of restrictive, racist attitudes? We compared the revealed attitudes with the attitudes which
we observed among pre-service teachers earlier and how the two sets of attitudes overlaps. We
also examined the kinds of – recently – covered restrictive attitudes will affect the student
teachers among their new colleagues in their workplaces, in our schools.


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Arató, F. (2022). Restrictive Attitudes Among School Directors. Autonomy and Responsibility Journal of Educational Sciences, 1(1), 45–58.

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