Archiving and Repository Policy

The peer-reviewed articles in the journal are open access, the issues are immediately available online upon publication and can be downloaded free of charge. There is no publication fee (Article Processing Fee) for authors.

The journal is archived in the Archive of the University of Pécs managed by the University Library and Knowledge Centre. Issues are archived in the Digital Publications Collection and the articles are archived in the Publications Database of the University of Pécs.

Authors are allowed to deposit all versions of their work in an institutional or other repository of the author’s choice without embargo. The author’s archiving right applies to the original manuscript as well, which may be supplemented with modifications made after the review, and its format may be arbitrary (.doc, .tex., .pdf, etc.). The related archiving right allows the distribution by e-mail, use in the course of own educational activity, deposition on the author’s own website, and in a closed or open, printed or electronic repository. During archiving, the author is always obliged to cite the final, published version of the article, and to attach a URL link (DOI).