Experience Based Learning in Tanoda Program – But How?


  • Andrea Bencéné Fekete




Tanoda” program, children with social handicap, learning by playing, inquirybased learning, higher achievement


During my research I carried out interviews with students in lower grades of primary school
in order to fi nd out what they mean by learning and the reasons behind their dislike concerning.
During my study I introduce a mentor program („Tanoda” program), which provides
an opportunity for children with disadvantaged background to learn how to learn and transforms
the acquisition of knowledge pleasure for them. They acquire learning methods via
playing, and other, inquiry based activities. The aim of this program is to help children with
disadvantaged background in achieving success in their school environment and improve
their personal comptences as well. These weekly held sessions are not coaching lessons, but
personal development sessions matching to one’s specifi c needs. Besides the personal development
these lessons provide opportunities to discover and support learners who need more
help and who perform outstandingly.


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