Változások a reklámpiacon - A változások folytatódnak


  • József Kandikó Ipari Reklám és Propaganda Vállalat


The article reflects to the paper back from 1983 which presented the research results from 1977 and 1981, and it concentrates on three main areas. It reveals that even in today’s market economy there are limits in the media market, however, their reasons are not legal regulations or any deficits of terms, but the political influence of the media owners or the political commitment of the principal of the advertisement. The author is indicating the importance of well-planned and creative advertising, also that cost-effective budget is still a critical requirement after forty years. Despite the continuous change and development, there are many errors and mistakes both in the market circumstances and in the marketing profession itself. Complex marketing approach and practice are still only being formulated in many SMEs. In case of multinational companies the implementation of the global marketing strategy principle “Act local!” is still ailing.




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Kandikó, J. (2017) „Változások a reklámpiacon - A változások folytatódnak”, Marketing & Menedzsment, 51(1-2), o. 36–40. Elérhető: https://journals.lib.pte.hu/index.php/mm/article/view/826 (Elérés: 25 július 2024).

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