About the Journal

Autonomy and Responsibility is an educational research journal that has been in publication since 2015. The main objective of the journal is to present horizontal principles and methodologies that are essential for researchers at the Institute of Educational Sciences and the teacher training program at the University of Pécs. The journal also contributes to international educational discourse. Our mission is to connect our local scholarly community with relevant international discourse to explicitly promote, generate and initiate dialogue. Thus we would like our journal to feature research from universities and communities in other countries along with research from the University of Pecs in Hungary. Since 2013, our journal has been promoting joint thinking and interpretations along five research and development themes outlined during the annual Autonomy and Responsibility Conference. These directions for research have been under constant discussion; while we uphold that new, additional focus areas may also be emphasized in the journal as a result of a joint national and international discourse. These interpretative themes for research include the following:

  • autonomous and responsible participation and capacity to act
  • dialogue and cooperation
  • valuing diversity
  • the development of a multi-perspective vision
  • an inclusive pedagogical and educational environment

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that these key areas of educational research need to be re-emphasized in the international academic arena. Exploring and presenting scientific values, factual data collected over decades, evidence-based pedagogical practices, and the expanding inclusive educational environmental elements now require renewed international academic collaboration. Therefore, the editorial team has decided to take the scholarly forum of this journal in a new direction for its seventh volume: from now on, it will be published in English. By forming an international advisory board, we have increased the presence of authors and editors from the international research community in our journal of educational sciences. The first five issues of the journal in English will cover the five research themes outlined
above. We therefore are proposing a broader approach for scientific genres through three different columns in the journal. In the Scholarly Articles section, we will publish international research papers of high scientific value. In the Scientific Workshop section, we will give the opportunity to publish papers that reflect on research in progress, theoretical explorations, or practical experiences from a scientific point of view. The Diary section will feature publications that provide insight into the workshop of research groups, revealing behind-the-scenes secrets of researchers and developers. Our aim with these three columns is to enable education professionals at different stages of their academic and research careers to participate in discourse related to the five themes addressed in the journal. In this way, the phenomenon of the academic glass ceiling can be alleviated as we challenge the recurrent situation where young researchers are given less opportunity to participate in the scientific discourse at a time when they would need it most.