Agglomeration and interregional network effects on European R&D productivity.


  • Attila Varga University of Pécs - Faculty Of Business And Economics
  • Dimitros Pontikakis Joint Research Centre, European Comission, Sevilla, Spain
  • George Choroafakis University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Agglomeration, Network effects, R&D productivity


This paper explores the effects of intra-regional agglomeration and interregional networking on the productivity
of R&D across EU regions. The paper is based on the spatial econometric modelling framework presented in
Varga (2000), and further develops a methodology for estimating the dynamic effects of agglomeration and
interregional networks on R&D productivity in regional knowledge creation (measured by patent applications
and publications) at the level of EU regions. This empirical modelling framework is applied to classify EU
regions into different tiers according to the strengths of their agglomeration effects. These effects are then
compared to the network effects of interregional connectedness as reflected in regional participation in the EU
Framework Programme for Research. The estimated model is used then for an assessment of the impacts of EU
Framework Programme expenditures on technological development and for carrying out policy impact





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Varga, A., Pontikakis, D., & Choroafakis, G. (2022). Agglomeration and interregional network effects on European R&D productivity. PTE KTK Műhelytanulmányok, 2010(1-4). Elérés forrás

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