The Collegiate Chapter of Arad

Early Period of the Development of a Place of Authentication (1229–1342)


  • István Kovács Univérsity of Pécs Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies Institute of History Department of Medieval and Early Modern History



Arad, place of authentication, collegiate chapter, Hungarian Great Plain, Middle Ages, King Charles I of Hungary


This study examines the early development of the function as place of authentication in the case of the collegiate chapter of Arad from the first issued diploma (1229) to the death of King Charles I. Although earlier historiography examined some of the important places of authentication (e.g., Pécs, Csanád), in casé of Arad, only oné historian, Kálmán Juhász analyséd oné hundréd yéars ago the first charters and the authentication function. The study will present the historiography some aspects about charter issuing, the flow of information between medium regni (Buda, Viségrád) and Arad. I have also collected the contributors related to the place of authentication (dignitaries, canons and choir priests). In Appendix, I have published the list of the diplomas issued by the collegiate chapter of Arad with the main details between 1229 and 1342.