About the Journal

The lengthy title of our review originates from the winding history of the Univérsity of Pécs. We inherited the name, Specimina dissertationum ex Instituto Historico Universitatis Quinqueecclesiensis from the Elizabeth University (1923–1950). This was altered to Specimina Nova and launched to its new journey in 1985. The university level history education was reorganized in 1983. Together with the structural implementation of the program – namely the evolvement of the ‘educator and researcher background – only one volume seemed to be insufficient. The series, therefore, was first divided into two parts. The Pars Prima was designed to cover topics from ancient, medieval and early modern history, while the Pars Secunda concentrated on matters from the 18-20th-century history. From the very beginnings, the volumes aimed to publish studies exclusively in foreign languages in order to facilitate international representation. This approach led to the decision to further narrow and specify the thematic frames of the Pars Prima. In this spirit, the Sectio Mediaevalis was created, the publication of the Univérsity of Pécs, Départmént of Médieval and Early Modern History.