A bíboros legátusok kancelláriái a 14. században

Egy a pápaság szolgálatában álló kommunikációs eszköz


  • Pierre Jugie Francia Nemzeti Levéltár, Gyűjteményi Főosztály, Kulturális Örökségvédelmi Osztály, Középkori és Ancien Régime részleg




Pápaság, Legátus, 14. század, kancellária


From 1305 to 1378, the popes involved in 64 missions 40 cardinals (that is 26,7% of the members of the Sacred College of that period), either as legate (41%), or as legate and vicar general on the Papal States (7%), or only as nuncio (35%), excluding the vicars generals who were neither legate nor nuncio. In a (temporary) synthesis are studied the composition and the working of the legatine chanceries: the functions and the value of the chancellors, their relations with the judiciary court of the cardinal’s curia (audientia causarum curie); the various members of the chancery, notaries, secretaries, abbreviatores, scribes, registratores and all the familiares working in the „writing offices” of cardinals. On the other hand, the relations between the legatine chanceries and other chanceries (specially papal and royal ones) are observed in order to see their reciprocal influence and the effects on the development of the papal diplomacy. Two tables are proposed in appendix, a chronological table of all missions of these cardinals from 1305 to 1378 and a synthetic table of the members of the „writing offices” during legations and nunciatures or nor.