Copyright notice

Our journal's Editorial Board is committed to making submitted manuscripts publicly accessible (Open Access - OA) under clear copyright and licensing terms. In light of this, under the present terms, we provide Authors with the opportunity for publication.

By submitting the manuscript created by them to the Editorial Board and handing it over to the Editorial Office, the Author consents to the Publisher publishing an article edited from this manuscript in the journal. The Author acknowledges that the publishing and usage rights related to the article are realized according to the present terms after the first publication. The Author consents to the Publisher making the article freely accessible and downloadable on its official publishing website without any temporal restrictions. The exclusive right to first publication of the article belongs solely to the Publisher. The Author accepts that the Publisher publishes the article in a manner that the usage rights of the article are governed by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) license terms for any third party after the first publication.

Within the framework of this license, the Publisher may convert the article into any electronic format, copy the article to a computer or electronic storage medium. The Publisher may share the publication and usage rights of the article with any third party or exercise these rights jointly with any third party. The Publisher may act on behalf of the Author in cases of copyright infringement, unauthorized use, and actions that violate intellectual property rights related to the article. It may exercise all rights that the "CC BY NC SA 4.0" license terms enable for third parties.

With the submission, the Author warrants that they are the exclusive author of the article along with the specified co-authors - or has the consent of all co-authors to publish the article in its current form - that the article is their own original intellectual creation, and that they have not partially or wholly transferred the first publication right of the article to a third party before submission. Based on these, the Author has the right to publish the article and thus possesses all entitlements to authorize the Publisher to publish the article for the first time, or to exercise the usage rights related to the article according to the present terms. The Author warrants that the article does not contain plagiarism, that the descriptions are accurate and true to the best of the Author's knowledge, that the article does not contain defamation, obscene or infringing on the copyrights, privacy, or any other rights of third parties, or otherwise violates the law, and that the manuscript is not under consideration or published, either partially or wholly, in Hungarian or any other language, in any other journal. The Author acknowledges and accepts that if they wish to publish materials in their article whose usage rights are owned by other rights holders, publishers, or authors, it is solely their responsibility to obtain the appropriate (as stated in the preceding paragraph) publication and usage permissions from these rights holders before submitting their manuscript to the Publisher or the Editorial Office.

Since the terms apply to articles first published in Hungary, the rights and obligations applicable to the Author and the Publisher are governed by the current laws of Hungary, primarily the Copyright Act of 1999 (Act LXXVI of 1999).