About the Journal

FOCUS has been a peer-reviewed biennial journal of the Department of English Literatures and Cultures, (University of Pécs, Hungary) since its foundation in 1998. It publishes articles, essays, interviews and book reviews on various aspects of English-speaking literatures and cultures from all ages. Most of the issues so far have focused on a particular theme or cluster of themes. 

During the more than two decades of its history the contributors have been scholars from various universities in Hungary, Great Britain, Ireland, the USA, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Spain, etc. The 2002 issue, focusing on Joyce, was reviewed in Irish University Review, the 2004 and 2006 issues in the Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies, the 2008 issue in EPONA, the 2012 issue in Irish Theatre International, the 2018 issue in Americana: E-journal of American Studies.

The journal is currently moving to a fully open access model based on the Open Journal System, uploading of past issues is in progress. Please check back regularly for updates.

Address for correspondence:

University of Pécs
Institute of English Studies
Department of English Literatures and Cultures
Ifjúság útja 6.
7624 Pécs, Hungary